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Go Emerging Markets

We help your company to expand into new markets.

We analyze new markets with a potential export for the company products, starting from a market prospection up to a proper economical-financial follow-up of the activities made in the target country. These processes are basically split it in two steps, one to do a market research and see the adapatibility requirements for your products, and a second one, to do proper follow-up of the activities in the objective market.

The adding value to your company for getting into a project with us is the following:

Added Value Proposal

The advantages to collaborate with Go Emerging Markets for the company in a new internationalization project, is the integration of different processes in only one project, focussed in starting sales in the target market. It is foreseen to provide a practical vision to cover requirements to start a business in new market, flexible to your company profile, and with the objective to minimize risks and costs.

Project Basis:
• Flexibility and adaptability to your company in the basis of the project.
• Openning to new markets in a simplified manner.
• Integrate internationalization processes in one project.
• External Project manager dedicated to the project, without increasing company’s headcount.
• Key decisions in few meetings.
• Language and cultural interlocution needed to operate in the country.
• Costs limited to the project.

Economical-Financial Analysis:
• Figures of the targeted market.
• Strengths and weaknesses analysis of the product in the targeted market.
• Market Profitability scenarios.
• Economical-Financial reporting for the activities carried-out in the country.

Associated risk coverages:
• Insurance coverage selection to cover sales financial risks.
• Protection against a higher possibility of volatility of sales agents, direct personnel and subcontracted services.
• Follow-up and Business Control for the operations carried-out in the country.