Go Emerging Markets

Searching markets, one country at a time…


1st Phase

Analyzing and projecting the target market

“Go Emerging Markets” mission in a first phase is to provide knowledge of the business environment in the target country in order to set an action plan to initiate sales activity analyzing local market needs and requirements.

The research studies and proposals are done considering different chapters:

1) Market Study
  • Synthetize and integretate analytical data provided by different Public Organisms regarding market figures, statistics, so as Import procedings and duties costs.
  • Define market and volumes, and if applicable, segregation by submarkets.
  • Costs for brand protection and tax / regulatory costs.
2) Product Study
  • Competitors selling products portfolio to determine specific product characteristics to rank your products and brand.
  • Cost analysis and margins in the supply chain until final selling Price.
  • Profitability analysis and objective prices.
3) Potential Clients
  • Search for potencial clients and solvency analysis according to available country data information.
  • List of principal local and/or international competitors in the market.
  • Product introduction to potential clients, with the necessary cultural and language interlocution.
4) Marketing Plan
  • Under product definition and client typology elaborate a Marketing Plan.
  • Publicity plan and associated costs.
  • Sector fairs of interest.
5) Search of Sales Agents
  • Search and selection of sales agents and principal distribution companies as an alternative to direct sales.
In this first phase the company will be able to set an action plan with selling key issues to initiate sales in the targeted market, analyzing its profitability and viability.