Go Emerging Markets

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2nd Phase

Sales Plan execution and operations follow-up

“Go Emerging Markets” mission in this second phase would start at the moment that sales are initiated in order to provide a commercial & financial follow-up of the on-going activity and to set-up the most proper organization and legal entity to carry-on the sales plan execution”.

To this purpose, “Go Emerging Markets” offers the collaboration with the company in the following subjects:

6) Interlocution with the distributor or sales agent
  • Relation with the agents or distributors in the country.
7) “Sales/Finance Controller ”
  • Finance Reporting Package to follow-up operations in the country.
  • Follow-up of Key Performance Indicators, budgets and deviation analysis.
  • Translation of local Finance Statements to International Accounting Standards.
  • Sales risk insurance coverage with insurance companies that operate in the country.
8) Formalization of a new entity to operate in the country
  • Formalization of all duties to start a new entity in the country (sales “delegations”, branch, subsidiary).
  • Selection of administration personnel, tax and accounting assessors.
  • Search for Accounting Package Software that suits local legal requirements.
  • Search for local financial aid when setting the new company, and local tax allowances.
  • Set bank accounts and financial institution deals to be able to operate in the country.
So, “Go Emerging Markets” provides the necessary help to initiate the execution of the sales plan, economic-financial activities follow-up, and a formalization of a new entity when considered, by providing business control in a tailored manner from the beguinning of the sales activity until its consolidation in the target market.